"If you want to build a tree house, I know a place!"

About Us

Your hosts Marijn (or Mario) and Femke (or Femy) call themselves the ‘forever young couple’ and are your hosts for your stay here at Cortijo Jamaica. As professional travelers, we met when we worked for a travel organization focused on surfing and snowboarding, and travelled a lot together before we were ready to settle down somewhere. Our trip started in Mexico and managed a surf resort in Costa Rica for 2 years. That’s where the love for hospitality originated and the idea was born to one day open our own place to receive guests. After we saw Cortijo Jamaica for the first time, we knew immediately that this was it! In the meantime our family has expanded with our daughter Indy, dog Drė, cat Ciske and we have some chickens roaming around. 

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Cortijo Jamaica

Cortijo Jamaica was one of the most important trading places for the locals. This is due to its special location between the mountains and the sea. It is situated on a rambla – water outlet from the mountains to the sea – which used to be the trade routes between the fishing villages on the coast and the countryside. Although nowadays people like to live on the coast, most of them lived in the many small mountain villages, such as nearby Los Díaz and Los Galvez, less than 50 years ago. Cortijo Jamaica was the meeting place for farmers and fishermen, where one could stay overnight and sometimes have a dance. That’s why this place is named after Jamaica, which means ‘land of eternal springs’ and you can see that immediately in this green oasis.

"Never knew you could ski in southern Spain. In the morning we drank a cup of coffee on the beach and an hour later we were at the top of the slopes overlooking the sea, too bizarre!"


What does that mean? It means that we can live independently and generate our own power and have our own water source. In this way we burden nature as little as possible and live as sustainably as possible. This requires a conscious lifestyle. For example, we pay attention to how much electricity we (can) use per day and that is why you don’t see a hairdryer or dishwasher here. We ask you to turn off the lights when you leave the room and not to use the electric heaters for too long, especially on a cloudy day. Otherwise it could just be that we are all out of power! But we go further than that, for example by using the shower and washing-up water to cleverly water the ( vegetable ) garden and orchard. Hence our strong preference to only use organic shower gel, shampoo etc.